Make your dream a reality! Buy your house!

Make your dream a reality! Buy your house!

When we talk about buying our first house many emotions arise, it is a subject full of expectations and fears too. Most of us dream of this moment from childhood and the idea of buying our own house is greater when we decide to start a family and for many buying a house is also used as a form of investment.

My dream of buying a home started when my children entered the education system, this urged me to take them to a better school district to provide them a permanent and better future. Seeing my children grow while creating unforgettable experiences in our own home is absolutely priceless.

Being a homeowner has been an incredible experience and a dream come true for me. Don’t wait to make your dreams a reality and achieve your goals now.

Most people may find the idea of starting the mortgage process a difficult one. Whether it’s from finding the right person to assist or the right company to trust, it can be become a tedious process for any person looking to start.

However things are changing and I would like to share with you a simple solution.

I invite you to visit AmeriCasa, a company that aims to educate the home buyer and walk you through the mortgage process from beginning to end. Obtaining a mortgage should not be a tedious procedure and AmeriCasa is here to assist you in achieving your goals.

At AmeriCasa they will help you with the following steps and any doubts you may have:

At AmeriCasa you will be contacted by a License Loan Originator

  • They will help you get a Pre-Appoval to start looking for your dream home.
  • How is the initial process and what documents are needed will be explained during the first meeting.
  • What are the existing programs and what could be the most suitable for you?
  • What is your purchasing power?
  • What can you expect from your realtor and how to find “the” house.
  • Will walk you and advise you on inspections needed.
  • Able to assist in any and all questions and concerns you may have.

Contacting Americasa is very easy!

On the same website you can leave your information so that they contact you at your convenience

Or you can call (800)-322-1388 – You can also send an email to

Note: Americasa can help you buy your first home in the state of Florida and soon in New Jersey.


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