It’s a great time to buy a house

It’s a great time to buy a house

Fact of the matter is that bank interests are currently low, so it’s a great time to buy a house. Maybe you know this and would love to take advantage of the situation. Perhaps you’re already getting excited about fulfilling your dreams of homeownership because the dream feels so close you could reach it. And you’re not wrong! Believe in your instincts, now is a great time to get a mortgage not only for a home but to save money on it as well.

Of course, you may have many questions such as: how can I access a mortgage? How much money do I need? What requirements do I need to fulfill to purchase a home? At AmeriCasa we’ll be happy to answer all of these questions.

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Here are a few benefits you can take advantage of when you get a low interest rate.

  • The lower interest rates are, the more money you save in the long run.
  • Low interest rates not only benefit new buyers, but they’re also great for current homeowners that wish to refinance an existing mortgage.
  • Currently, 30 year mortgages are a great low rate of 3.82% as opposed 4.32% last year.
  • 15 year mortgages have an even lower interest rate of 3.26% which is five points lower than last year.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to answer your questions and address your concerns about obtaining the right mortgage for you. Follow us on our social media networks to for news about us. Currently, we’re licensed in New Jersey, Texas and Florida.



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